Toilet Training Seats

The Sani-Touch™ Toilet Training Seat is easy-to-use and is perfect for your child's comfort, safety and confidence!

The Sani-Touch™ Toilet Training Seat was designed for safety by being sturdy and stable, yet lightweight. Its unique space-saving design allows it to be hung nearby on the Sani-Touch™ holder (included). It's built to last, making it the most economical and practical toilet trainer on the market today.

Sani-Touch Toilet Training Seats: Easy for Children to Use!

The Sani-Touch™ Toilet Training Seat is a new and innovative concept for toilet training. Our seats are visually appealing to young children in training, fitting easily onto any toilet seat and can be conveniently stored away with ease on the included hanger.

These beautifully decorated seats are a great tool for every parent teaching their children how to toilet train!

Molded right into the seat are bright and colorful themes that all children love, making toilet training much more fun!

Our seats are constructed to be durable and sturdy, with images that won't scratch off.

Available Standard or Elongated sizes for a perfect fit!

Mounted on the Wall

Every Sani-Touch™ Toilet Training Seat will come with their very own holder. The reason for this is simply for your child's convenience. Also, every seat is beautifully decorated, with the use of brilliant colors and visually appealing graphics, each seat is worth displaying.

Mounted on the Wall


Packaged and ready to go!

Packaged and Ready to Go!

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