If you are as disgusted about germs as we are, you'll find the New Sani-Touch™ line of bathroom products just right for you.

Here at Sani-Touch, we are working day and night to bring you the finest bathroom accessories on the planet. With an emphasis on style and design, our products will keep you clean and bacteria-free.

We realize that cleanliness and hygiene in the public areas are a great concern to everyone and know that there is yet more room for improvements with these concerns in mind. This was the motivation for creating the Sani-Touch™ Handle. The convenient and sanitary way to life and lower your toilet seat!

Then came our line of Sani-Touch™ Hangers. Light weight, durable and infinitely useful, all rolled into one small, inexpensive package! These self-adhesive hangers can stick anywhere to lend a helping hand. The uses of the Sani-Touch™ Hangers are immeasurable.

Now with our newest product, the Sani-Touch™ Touch Toilet Training Seat, potty training has never been so fun! Along with beautiful designs, these innovative seats are made to withstand any type of abuse.

Sani-Touch is continually striving for better ways to improve safety and hygiene both in the business world and in the family households. The future and plans for Sani-Touch is to continue to create a new and unique products with its team of professionals and designers in a health conscientious world.

What will we come up with next? Stay tuned!

"Quality Products, A Commitment to Service, and a Dynamic Company in the Forefront for a Cleaner and Safer World"