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Report on Phthalates in Child's Toilet Training Seats

CSPC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) Ruling on Phthalates

- Phthalates are plasticizers added to plastics such as vinyl to increase flexibility/softness
- Phthalates are dangerous, especially to children
- The CPSC issued phthalate limits for children's products in early 2009
- Enforcement of the CPSC phthalate limits will begin in September 2010.

Sani-Touch sent competitor toilet training seats to (2) testing labs to check phthalate contents.

You won't believe this! Lab test results showed DEHP (Phthalate) far in excess of limit (169,000 mg/kg versus CSPC limit of 1000 mg/kg) in Toilet Training Seats found in major Retailers

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